"Khera joined the office as a database consultant several years ago and brought to my team a unique skill set that I have yet to encounter elsewhere in the tech transfer community. She not only has a deep understanding of data management softwares, but she understands how tech transfer offices operate. Working with her has been a rare opportunity as she is tenacious, intelligent, and immensely passionate. As a database consultant, she single-handedly rewrote the SOP for managing patent prosecution matters, and thanks to her we are more organized and efficient as an office. I honestly cannot speak highly enough of her! In fact, Khera is so knowledgeable and versatile that when a member of my team (Invention intake and iEdison compliance analyst) left for maternity leave, she agreed to temporarily assume the position with little to no training—and we are so grateful and thankful she did. She seamlessly integrated herself into the team and did what Khera does best—she located quite a few efficiencies in the process and yet again revised the SOP. Khera is absolutely amazing and has my utmost recommendation!" - Charanjit Arora, Chief Intellectual Property Officer at UCLA Technology Development Group


“Khera has been instrumental in our data system migration. Her knowledge of tech transfer functions, operations, and data is bar none, and has solved many of our operational bottlenecks. With her help, we have implemented automation and operational tracking that has been unheard of in our office. She is a consummate professional, responsible, and, most importantly, responsive. I highly recommend her if you are looking to change or improve your tech transfer operations.” – Ragan Robertson, Business Development & Information Systems Officer at UCLA Technology Development Group 

“Khera just left ANU after spending 3 weeks with Innovation ANU. She took the time to understand individual working styles as well as the needs of management and implemented solutions that married the two. I can’t thank Khera enough for what she has done for us in our data management and look forward to working with her into the future. I would highly recommend her services to anyone that wants to get the most out of their database and improve efficiency.” – Fiona Nelms, Director, Technology Transfer at Australia National University 


“We are in the middle of working with Khera as a consultant on our database. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about every function of the database, she has a fantastic ability to teach how to actually use it. In addition, she knows tons of shortcuts and tricks in Word and Excel that have made my life so much easier. I can't stress enough how fantastic it has been to have her help us, and I look forward to everything I know I will learn as we continue to work with her.” –Julie Kelley, Technology Transfer Specialist at Augusta University